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Sprint Solutions by Industry - Government and Public Safety

Work as one to improve citizen services

Wireless technology from Sprint is helping state and local government agencies deliver more services more affordably.

  • Smartphone and tablet solutions enable instant, secure communication among officials in the field and empower citizens to access more services online
  • A caliber of connectivity that empowers your team to be more productive, by facilitating day-to-day decisions and operational efficiencies
  • Comprehensive mobility-management solutions — including a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) option — let you focus on the things that matter most, regardless of carrier

Team up with Sprint for the network, government expertise and solutions required to make better policy decisions, foster collaboration, enhance security and reduce costs.

Sprint is connecting state and local government, so your agency can work as one.

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Manage all of your mobile devices: Sprint Mobility Management

Multiple devices. Multiple Carriers. No problem. Sprint Mobility Management makes it easy to monitor your mobile assets regardless of carrier or quantity. And with advanced customer service and reporting and analysis options, you can optimize your communication investments better than ever.

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Continuous Communication: Emergency Response Team

Emergency Response Team

Public safety and law enforcement agencies can gain access to short-term wireless telecommunications equipment, infrastructure and operations support during disaster recovery efforts, declared emergencies, field-training exercises and other agency-specific events.

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Tomorrow's solutions

Homeland security, justice and public safety see new benefits from the latest wireless applications.

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Panasonic Toughbooks

See how officers and officials use them with built-in Sprint 3G to access sensitive data.

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Sprint case study

San Jose PD uses Sprint 3G-powered Feeney Wireless CIRA™ to share data between patrol cars and dispatch.

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M2M is the future

Learn how Sprint M2M solutions are outfitting homeland security and other entities with the latest apps.

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