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Sprint Solutions by Industry - Healthcare

Work as one to improve patient outcomes

Wireless solutions from Sprint can enhance the quality of care and improve efficiencies across your facility or hospital system.

  • Smartphone and tablet solutions enable instant, secure communication among physicians, nurses, administrators and patients to facilitate improved outcomes
  • Connectivity that empowers your team to be more productive by ensuring seamless decision-making capabilities and operational efficiencies
  • Comprehensive mobility-management solutions — including a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) option — let you focus on your patients, regardless of carrier

Team up with Sprint for the network, healthcare expertise and solutions required to make quality care more accessible, comply with evolving regulations, improve collaboration, enhance security and reduce costs.

Sprint is connecting healthcare, so your team can work as one.

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Mobile Device Management

Mobility Management

Configure mobile devices, control user access, set security policies, monitor compliance, and send commands such as lock or wipe devices as necessary.

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Mobile Security Bundles for Healthcare

Sprint Mobility Management

Get secure messaging with HIPAA-compliant encryption, mobile device management and a tablet data plan for one low price. Pick the plan that works for your facility.

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Mobility webinar

Hear what Jeanine Sterling of Frost & Sullivan has to say about mobile device selection in healthcare.

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Mobile device video

Need help choosing the best mobile device for your needs? Here are seven factors to consider before you decide.

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Tablets in healthcare

Check out this informative article: "Next Generation Tablets: The Missing Link in Healthcare Communications?"

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What's in the future?

See who's powering the future of wireless in healthcare in this Sprint-sponsored report.

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