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Sprint Direct Connect takes push-to-talk to a new level.

Sprint Direct Connect - the new standard in push-to-talk

Welcome to Sprint® Direct Connect®, the standard in push-to-talk. That familiar Nextel push-to-talk ChirpSM you know so well now has enhanced coverage and a blazing-fast network.

To harness all of this newfound power of our network, we’ve added a bevy of rugged phones, like the Kyocera Torque.

Nextel customers, prepare for the next level with Android™ productivity apps, instant push-to-talk and 4G LTE speeds (Sprint 4G LTE available in select markets, and we’re adding more all the time).

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Innovation continues

Innovation continues

You can have it all - fast 4G LTE data on rugged and stylish push-to-talk phones with advanced iOS and Android™ operating systems. Simultaneous data and push-to-talk help you make the most of business apps and new features.

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Now with expanded coverage

Sprint Direct Connect will let you connect in more places.

We've pushed the boundaries of push to talk. Your Sprint Direct Connect button now works throughout our 4G LTE, 3G and expanded coverage areas so you can be more productive in more places.

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