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Track your workers, jobs and assets using Air-Trak®

Track and locate employees, manage work orders, message field workers and receive exception alerts in real-time. Solutions are flexible for all levels of an enterprise and can work as a stand-alone system, or be easily integrated with your existing business applications and operations.

What you'll get:

  • Easy management of work orders and workers.
  • Remote timekeeping and messaging.
  • Confirmations and exception alerts.
  • Ability to monitor miles driven, vehicle telemetry like speed, etc. and inventory.
  • Remote dispatching of workers.
  • Better insight into business operations with real-time or historic asset location/status.

What you'll get

  • Web-based management Portal
  • Vehicle and phone tracking
  • Geo-fencing
  • Work order management
  • Route management

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You’ll need a Sprint-enabled:

  • Air-Trak in-vehicle GPS unit,
  • iPhone or iPad,
  • Kyocera DuraXT or DuraPlus phone