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BlackBerry Internet Service

BlackBerry® Internet Service opens access to web-based email

Revolutionize your productivity level with a compatible internet email account (POP3/IMAP) you can access from your BlackBerry smartphone.

What you'll get:
  • Up to 10 integrated email accounts and the option to create one BlackBerry email address
  • Improved email experience with enhanced attachment viewing and unlimited email quota
  • Wireless synchronization to different email accounts, so you can track read, unread, sent and deleted items
  • Individual email account settings to manage auto-signatures, filters and more
  • Simplified browser interface
  • Instant messaging capabilities via Yahoo!® Messenger, AIM®, Google Talk and BlackBerry® Messenger

What you'll need

  • A compatible Sprint BlackBerry smartphone
  • A data plan that includes BlackBerry email and web
  • A voice rate plan

Available plans

How to get it

BlackBerry Internet Service

For BlackBerry Internet Service pricing information call 877-619-5037.

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