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Sprint Solutions by Industry - Government - Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness Solutions for Government

Respond quickly and efficiently and maintain and augment communications in the case of emergencies or large-scale planned event

With Sprint Emergency Response Team (ERT) Solutions, agencies can:

  • Keep government and agency operations running with 24x7 support

  • Provide infrastructure and equipment to rapidly deploy reliable, scalable short-term communication solutions, supporting continuity of operations.

  • Utilize a cache of Sprint devices that are always active and ready to deploy on the fly during emergencies or preplanned events.

  • Receive priority queuing during times of network congestion and reliable voice and video over IP.

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Be prepared when it matters most

Emergency Response Team Go-Kit

Let our Emergency Response Team (ERT) prepare your agency with a communications kit of devices and other essentials you can activate on the fly and use on a pay-as-you-go basis.

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COOP: Prepare, protect, respond, recover

Learn how Sprint has the met the challenges of Critical Communications for the Continuity of Operations (COOP) with ERT personnel and technology, Nextel Direct Connect, Satellite cell on light trucks (SatCOLTs) and other solutions during significant disasters and events.

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We'll be there

The Sprint ERT keeps the government, military and first responders connected during critical times.

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4,800+ deployments

Our ERT team has been there for disasters, hurricanes, national security events and 700+ nationwide agencies.

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Getting It Right

Sprint has the solution for the interoperability, capacity and redundancy issues facing public safety communications.

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Pandemic study

See how we can prepare your agency with proven solutions for GPS, mobile asset management and more.

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