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International Direct Connect - Motorola Brute

Push beyond our borders with one touch

International calling is now available at the push of a button for Sprint® Direct Connect® phones.

  • Make US- based calls to push-to-talk enabled phones on the iDEN networks in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru.

What you'll get:
  • Fast. Enjoy the same speed as you do for your local connections.

  • Simple. No country codes, operators or calling cards required. Just push the Direct Connect button.

  • Cost-efficient. International Direct Connect calls cost a fraction of international cellular rates.

International Direct Connect calls use the push-to-talk Local Direct Connect minutes included in your plan/buy-up. Local Direct Connect overage charges may apply. All Direct Connect calls charged to the initiator by (rate x minutes x participants). Requires Direct Connect capable phone. Not available for Group Connect® or TeamDC calls. Other restrictions may apply.

What you'll need

  • A Sprint Direct Connect-compatible phone.
  • A plan that includes Direct Connect or an add on.

Sprint Direct Connect subscribers can use push-to-talk to reach some networks outside the United States. You can identify the foreign networks by the urban codes in the first digits of the push-to-talk number, listed here.

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  • Sprint Unlimited International Direct Connect and Group Connect - $15/mo.
  • Casual use or overages - 20¢/min.

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