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Sprint Solutions by Industry - Manufacturing - Mobile Video Collaboration

Mobile Video Collaboration Solutions for Manufacturing

When there's a production problem in Kalamazoo and the design engineer is in Boulder, our Mobile Video Collaboration Solutions can get your production line back up and running in no time. With mobile cameras and the 4G connectivity of the Overdrive™ Pro 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot by Sierra Wireless, engineers, designers and field technicians can quickly connect with live video, voice, images and on-screen drawing to troubleshoot on the spot.

See how we can help you accelerate product design reviews, improve equipment uptime and troubleshoot problems on the spot, no travel required.

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Sprint Solutions by Industry - Manufacturing - Librestream

See how you can combine this rugged video camera with the Overdrive Pro to speed up everything from production to equipment repair.

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Overdrive Pro 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot by Sierra Wireless

Extend your 3G/4G connection and support up to 8 Wi-Fi-enabled devices with the Overdrive Pro.

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