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Mobile Urgent Alerts

When danger strikes, connect instantly

Sprint Mobile Urgent Alerts gives you and your employees the ability to send emergency notifications in an instant.

With the push of a button, workers using a Kyocera Dura series Sprint Direct Connect or Android device can send an alert to pre-determined, customized lists.

Give your field staff the feeling of safety whether they are working alone or in small teams without having to dial a phone.

  • Customized lists - Send alerts at the push of a button to specialized groups.

  • Location information - Detailed information, including location and phone number/push-to-talk number, within each alert.

  • Delivery options - Send the alerts via SMS, voice call, email or any combination your business desires.

  • Configurable alerts - Set specific messages at http://emg.sprint.com

  • Single billing - It all comes on one invoice.

NOTE: Sprint Mobile Urgent Alerts is not a replacement for 9-1-1.