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Rock your personal soundtrack

Take your music to-go with Sprint Music Plus. Get 24/7 access to your favorite music and browse, preview and download music tracks from your compatible Sprint phone.

  • Search for music by artist, title or keyword, and preview millions of music tracks and tones, which are updated daily.
  • Organize full tracks and albums by artist, genre and create custom playlists using the music library manager.
  • Check out ringtones.
  • Assign ringback tones for different callers.
  • Get recommendations on music tracks you might dig based on your music tastes.
  • Android users: Download from Google Play
  • iOS users: Download from the App Store

Songs purchased on your phone from Sprint Music Plus may not be transferable between your phone and computer due to digital rights management (DRM) protection technology. Coverage not available everywhere. Song prices vary and cost $.03/kb to download if your plan does not include data.