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Take your mobile workforce to the next level with pdvConnect

For any size business with a mobile workforce, pdvConnect can help locate, track, and/or manage mobile workers and their tasks by their device.  By streamlining communication and data capture between employees in the field and at the office, productivity can be increased and unproductive tasks could be eliminated. Add the service to any Sprint feature phone or smartphone and workers can collect, enter and transmit many types of data in the field.

pdvConnect Pro® features and benefits include:

  • GPS location, tracking and monitoring - View routes, current locations, the closest worker to an address and current traffic conditions to improve field service response times and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Photo documentation - Get a GPS location stamp, time, date and even voice description for proof of performance, damage, claims and preexisting conditions.
  • Mobile forms with electronic signature capture - Reduce paperwork, illegible written forms, invoicing delays and part ordering delays.
  • Wireless time cards - A location stamp eliminates the need for field workers to first clock in at a central location before starting their day.
  • Productivity and safety - Drastically reduce call volume into the office or workers long on-hold times by utilizing wireless forms or voice documentation. Eliminate voice calls to the drivers and the associated risk and liability of driver distraction.

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What you'll need

  • Any Sprint phone
  • A plan that includes a Sprint Voice Plan or Sprint Direct Connect® and pdvConnect Pro add-on.

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pdvConnect is now available on all Sprint phones, just make sure you have the right plan or add-on.

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