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Storefront Solutions for Retail

Storefront Solutions for Retail

Be fast. Be first. Hit the ground running with Sprint Storefront Solutions. Whether you are opening a big box store, a temporary store or kiosk, or equipping current retail locations, we'll give you a powerful infrastructure that lets you:

  • Give your employees the flexibility to move about the floor and assist customers wirelessly.

  • Monitor your store by installing wireless video surveillance.

  • Extend your customer's time by offering Wi-Fi.

  • Decrease network downtime by installing wireless back-up to ensure transactions will continue uninterrupted.

  • Help ensure network integrity and business continuity with an affordable failover solution.

From wireless POS to kiosks to video surveillance, the flexibility of an integrated solution has arrived.

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NextMail Services

Help your store managers send a voice message to up to 50 staff members, as an email attachment or as a text, with pdvConnect.


Be there even when you're not

Sprint Solutions by Industry - Video Surveillance

See how Sprint-powered video surveillance solutions from Feeney Wireless™, Cernium and I2C Technologies, Ltd can help you monitor activity from virtually anywhere.

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Motorola ES400

See how you can use it specifically for retail.

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Integrated solutions

Get wireless and wireline solutions for your business.

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M2M POS solutions

Get M2M POS solutions for your retail business

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Don't chance it

Keep your network going with the Cradlepoint CBA750 failover solution.

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