Direct Connect -  Kyocera DuraMax and Motorola i335

Direct Connect brings co-workers together instantly

When time is critical, the industry leading push-to-talk services from Sprint give you what you need to get the job done, like:

  • Fast one-to-one connection, interoperable among all our push-to-talk platforms
  • Access to the world’s largest push-to-talk community of users
  • A huge portfolio of push-to-talk phones, including rugged, mil-spec devices for challenging environments – and sleeker, smarter Sprint phones.
  • Our new Sprint® Direct Connect® service — our next generation of push-to-talk — combines 3G data speeds with instant one-to-one connection, so you can get even more done at the push of a button.

What you'll need

  • A Direct Connect-capable phone.
  • A plan that includes Direct Connect or an add on.

Our new Sprint Direct Connect phones offer next generation push-to-talk on the Sprint 3G (EVDO Rev A) network.

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How to get it

$69.99/mo - Unlimited data, text, push-to-talk & calls to any mobile in America.

Get the job done, however you want to do it – without worrying about overages. Sprint offers a wide variety of flexible rate plans that include unlimited Direct Connect® and Group Connect®, or, you can add it to your plan for a monthly charge.

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See it in action

Check out the latest Sprint Direct Connect videos and see how you can get the job done faster.

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