Sprint Direct Connect Now

Bringing instant communication to a smartphone near you

Add the immediacy of Sprint Direct Connect to select Android™ smartphones. With Sprint® Direct Connect™ Now, you'll be able to enjoy instant conversation with the people most important to you.

The Sprint Direct Connect Now app is available from Google Play and offers:

  • Fast, push-to-talk communication
  • One-to-one connection, interoperable among all our push-to-talk platforms
  • Access to the world's largest push-to-talk community of users

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What you'll need

  • A Direct Connect Now-compatible phone.
  • A plan that includes Unlimited Direct Connect® and Group Connect® or an add on.
  • The Sprint Direct Connect Now app, available from Google Play™.

How to get it

Free with a plan that includes Direct Connect®.

Download Sprint Direct Connect Now app from Google Play. For the best Sprint Direct Connect experience, make sure that your device is on the most current software by checking for a software update on the phone.

Free with a Simply Everything plan.
$5/mo with other plans

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