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Xora StreetSmart Workforce

Xora StreetSmart Workforce pegs accurate timecards, locations

Boost productivity by knowing where your crew is, what job they are on and reducing overtime costs with Xora StreetSmart Workforce. Supervisors can know when mobile workers start or end a shift, what they are doing and where they are. Payroll data can be transferred into bookkeeping apps.

What you'll get:

  • With a Sprint or Nextel phone you can collect accurate and tamper-proof timecards
  • Companies using Xora complete about one additional job per day per technician
  • Reduced paperwork for time entry
  • Xora provides job data in real-time, allowing companies to trigger the billing process as soon as a job is completed
  • The data to reduce unnecessary overtime

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What you'll need

  • A Sprint GPS enabled phone or tablet.
  • A plan that includes data or a data add-on. Without a data plan or add-on, there's a fee of $.03/kb.
  • A PC with internet connection and static IP address.

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How to get it

Xora services start at $19.99/month. Call Xora at 1-877-GPS-XORA (1-877-477-9672) or Sprint at 866-805-9890 for more details.

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