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Sprint Solutions by Industry - Federal Government - Custom Network Solutions

In building and across agencies. Wireless access will be there.

Accessing confidential data and conducting secure, integrated wireless activity throughout agency premises is critical. Whether in a building, vehicle or across campus, Custom Network Solutions (CNS) allow you to do just that by outfitting your employees with connectivity regardless of location, device or protocol.

Let us help you design, deploy and support in-building and campus-based networks that will:

  • Enhance your access to critical, real-time data
  • Replace mission critical networks (such as paging)
  • Ensure business continuity
  • Extend PBX capability to mobile devices
  • Expedite all your internal and external information exchanges
  • Implement an infrastructure that takes future wide-area wireless applications into account
  • Reduce maintenance, power and personnel costs

For more information on Custom Network Solutions, contact us at 866-653-1056 or CNSInquiries@sprint.com.