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Sprint Solutions by Industry - Healthcare - Secure Clinical Communications

Secure Clinical Communications and Pager Replacement Solutions

Sprint Secure Communication Solutions streamline the communication process and allow users to provide a better, more efficient experience for patients.

Sprint offers two unique solutions, Sprint Enterprise Messenger-Secure and TigertTextPRO, to meet the varying needs of healthcare organizations. These solutions share core functionalities while offering their own individual features and benefits.

Healthcare professionals can rest assured their communications are being delivered in accordance with HIPAA standards, allowing for more accurate decision making and increased functionality.

Contact your Sprint representative to determine which solution will work best for you – whether across the hall or an ocean.

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Sprint Enterprise Messenger Secure or TigerTextPRO?

Near real-time communication can have a dramatic impact on healthcare by making possible faster interventions and more accurate decision-making. To maximize this potential, it’s important to choose the tool that best fits your needs. See our comparison to help determine which one may be right for you.

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Sprint Mobility Management

Sprint Mobility Management

Sprint Mobility Management consolidates your mobile spending within one user-friendly tool and offers an intuitive web portal to monitor and manage your mobile assets.

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