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Sprint Mobile Controls let you keep track of your child's phone habits

Review and manage your child's phone usage

Sprint Mobile Controls provides a simple webpage that gives parents the power to set phone use limits by time of day or week and see the applications downloaded to their child’s phone. Manage various on-demand controls and receive optional alerts that will keep your family close - even when you can’t be together.

With Sprint Mobile Controls, you can:
  • View an easy-to-read dashboard of your child’s phone usage.
  • Quickly and easily set phone use limits by time of day and day of week. Don’t want your son using his phone during school hours? No problem.
  • See who your child is talking or texting with – and when.
  • Establish an allowed list of phone numbers that can call or text your child.
  • See what apps your son or daughter is downloading to their phone.
  • Set alerts to stay informed of any potentially concerning behavior.

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What you'll need

  • A compatible Sprint phone. Sprint Mobile Controls are designed for devices running on Android™ operating systems.
  • Access to your child’s phone to complete setup.
  • A My Sprint profile on Sprint.com. You must be the account owner or be authorized to manage accounts.

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How to get it

How to get it

Find out what Sprint Mobile Controls can do for you with a 15-day FREE trial. Sign up today or learn more by visiting sprint.com/mobilecontrols.

Go to sprint.com/mobilecontrols